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Beberapa Perbedaan Kata British and American English

Dibawah ini adalah beberapa contoh perbedaan Vocabulary antara Bahasa Inggris Inggris (BE) dan Bahasa Inggris Amerika (AE). Selain Vocabulary, perbedaan antara British English dan American English adalah berhubungan dengan Spelling dan Grammar.

Anywhere (BE)
Anyplace (AE)

Autumn (BE)
Fall (AE)

Barrister (BE)
Attorney (AE)

Beeper, pager (BE)
Beeper (AE)

Bill (restaurant) (BE)
Check (AE)

Biscuit (BE)
Cookie (AE)

Block of flats (BE)
Apartment building (AE)

Bonnet (BE)
Hood (AE)

Boot (of car) (BE)
Trunk (of automobile) (AE)

Car (BE)
Automobile (AE)

Caravan (BE)
Trailer (AE)

Chemist (BE)
Drugstore (AE)

Chest of drawers (BE)
Bureau (AE)

Chips (BE)
French fries (AE)

Chocolate bar (BE)
Candy bar (AE)

The cinema (BE)
The movies (AE)

Clothes peg (BE)
Clothespin (AE)

Coffin (BE)
Casket (AE)

Condom (BE)
Rubber (AE)

Crisps (BE)
Potato chips (AE)

Crossroads (BE)
Intersection (AE)

Cupboard (BE)
Closet (AE)

Cutlery (BE)
Silverware (AE)

Diversion (BE)
Detour (AE)

Drawing-pin (BE)
Thumbtack (AE)

Driving licence (BE)
Driver’s license (AE)

Dummy (for babies) (BE)
Pacifier (AE)

Dustbin (BE)
Ashcan, garbage can, trashcan (AE)

Dustman (BE)
Garbage collector (AE)

Engine (BE)
Motor (AE)

Estate agent (BE)
Realtor (AE)

Film (BE)
Movie (AE)

Flat (BE)
Apartment (AE)

Flat tyre (BE)
Flat (AE)

Flyover (BE)
Overpass (AE)

Galoshes (BE)
Toe rubbers (AE)

Gear-lever (BE)
Gearshift (AE)

Girl guide (BE)
Girl scout (AE)

Ground floor (BE)
First floor (AE)

Handbag (BE)
Purse (AE)

Holiday (BE)
Vacation (AE)

Jam (BE)
Jelly (AE)

Jeans (BE)
Blue jeans (AE)

Jug (BE)
Pitcher (AE)

Lift (BE)
Elevator (AE)

Lorry (BE)
Truck (AE)

Luggage (BE)
Baggage (AE)

Mad (BE)
Crazy (AE)

Main road (BE)
Highway (AE)

Maize (BE)
Corn (AE)

Maths (BE)
Math (AE)

Mobile (phone) (BE)
Cellular (AE)

Motorbike (BE)
Motorcycle (AE)

Motorway (BE)
Freeway, expressway (AE)

Motorway (BE)
Freeway (AE)

Napkin (BE)
Napkin (AE)

Nappy (BE)
Diaper (AE)

Naughts and crosses (BE)
Tic-tack-toe (AE)

Pants (BE)
Shorts (AE)

Pavement (BE)
Sidewalk (AE)

Petrol (BE)
Gas, gasoline (AE)

The plough (BE)
Big dipper (AE)

Pocket money (BE)
Allowance (AE)

Post (BE)
Mail (AE)

Postbox (BE)
Mailbox (AE)

Postcode (BE)
Zip code (AE)

Postman (BE)
Mailman (AE)

Pub (BE)
Bar (AE)

Public toilet (BE)
Rest room (AE)

Puncture (BE)
Flat (AE)

Railway (BE)
Railroad (AE)

Return (ticket) (BE)
Round-trip (AE)

Reverse charge (BE)
Call collect (AE)

Ring road (BE)
Beltway (AE)

Road surface (BE)
Pavement (AE)

Roundabout (BE)
Traffic circle (AE)

Rubber (BE)
Eraser (AE)

Rubbish (BE)
Garbage, trash (AE)

Rubbish-bin (BE)
Garbage can, trashcan (AE)

Saloon (car) (BE)
Sedan (automobile) (AE)

Shop (BE)
Store (AE)

Single (ticket) (BE)
One-way (AE)

Solicitor (BE)
Attorney (AE)

Somewhere (BE)
Someplace (AE)

Spanner (BE)
Wrench (AE)

Spirits (BE)
Hard liquor (AE)

Sweets (BE)
Candy (AE)

Tap (indoors) (BE)
Faucet (AE)

Tap (outdoors) (BE)
Spigot (AE)

Taxi (BE)
Cab (AE)

Tea-towel (BE)
Dish-towel (AE)

Telly, TV (BE)

Third-party insurance (BE)
Liability insurance (AE)

Timetable (BE)
Schedule (AE)

Tin (BE)
Can (AE)

Toll motorway (BE)
Turnpike (AE)

Torch (BE)
Flashlight (AE)

Trousers (BE)
Pants (AE)

Tube (train) (BE)
Subway (AE)

Underground (train) (BE)
Subway (AE)

Underpants (BE)
Shorts (AE)

Van (BE)
Truck (AE)

Vest (BE)
Undershirt (AE)

Waistcoat (BE)
Vest (AE)

Wallet (BE)
Billfold (AE)

Wellington boots (BE)
Rubbers (AE)

Whisky (BE)
Whiskey, scotch (AE)

Windscreen (BE)
Windshield (AE)

Zip (BE)
Zipper (AE)


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